Publishing Rise on SuccessFactors LMS (non-cloud-based)

I'm not our resident LMS guru, but he's having trouble figuring out how to load a Rise course. We don't use the cloud-based version of SuccessFactors, it is housed on an internal server. Not sure if that's the problem.

Does anyone have any step-by-step instructions on what he should do with the .zip file I sent him? I dug around on old threads here, none have our solution.

Appreciate any and all input! We just started using Articulate 360 this week, and I wanted him to test how Rise will work for us. So far, StoryLine is doing great.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Cheryl!  I'm glad to hear that Storyline is doing great, and that you're excited to get moving forward with hosting your Rise courses.

Were you able to publish, zip and upload your Storyline output to SuccessFactors?

Rise output is structured a little differently.  Typically, the LMS is looking for a couple of things:  the index.html to launch the course (in the scormcontent folder), and the lmsmanifest.xml (in the root folder).  

Does the server version of SuccessFactors require that you unzip and identify these files? 

Also, if anyone has specific SuccessFactors knowledge, please feel free to chime in!