Question about Teams and Folders

Apr 04, 2019

Hi Rise Peeps!

I have a couple of question regarding team accounts.

I have an individual account with one email and a team account from a client with another email. (Not sure why this should matter, but I figured I would give you all the facts.)

When I create something for my client in SL or Rise, I do so after signing in with my email for my client account and publish to Review so the client can provide feedback. IN Review, I made separate folders for different projects that he and I are working on; however, he cannot see those folders, nor does he see the files I published to the team Review. Two questions:

Are folders in Review NOT seen by other team members?

Are files that I publish to Review not seen by team members (unless, of course, I send a link).




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Allison LaMotte

Hi Karin,

Thanks for reaching out! By default, all the courses you create in Rise 360 or publish to Review 360 are only visible by you.

If you add someone as a collaborator on a Rise 360 course, the course will appear in their dashboard.

However, even if you share the link to one of your courses in Review with another person with an Articulate 360 subscription, it won't appear in their dashboard. 

I hope that makes sense! Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

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