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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lesley,

Yup! You can modify that option within the Quiz settings shown here:

When the user takes and completes the quiz (even if they didn't pass) they'll be able to advance to the next page, so you may want to include a note after the quiz letting the user know that they need to retake the quiz to receive full credit for the course or at least try to attempt a score of 80%? The quiz results page will include that "retry" button as an option prompting the user to go back and retake it if you enable the option above. 

Michael Pfaffernoschke

Hi @all,

I'm sorry to bring this issue up again, but I'm working on a compliance project built in Rise. The users have 3 attempts to reach 100% to pass.

Is there a way to indicate the users how many attempts they have left in Rise? I'm aware that this would be possible with a quiz built with storyline but I'm just curious how to do this in Rise..

Many thanks in advance! :)


Markus Stehle

Hi, not directly the same question but concerning the quiz function in rise and the attempts. I built a quiz in a rise course with 3 attempts. If you did not pass the quiz you have the "retry" button on the last page BUT if the user does not retry it and just close the quiz and open it again the last page will be showed which means in that case the result page. As the learner is a newbie he will close the window again and hopes that by reopening the course the first page will be displayed. Is there any possibility like in storyline to give the learner the chance to continue from last page when player closed or start the course from beginning?

Thanks a lot


Markus Stehle

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for your reply. My course is hosted in a lms and that the course is starting from my last exit is the problem. A storyline course always aks me to start from last exit or to start from beginning. The rise course just give me the opportunity to start from last exit but I got feedback that some of my learners exit the course at the result slide (after finishing not successfull). Coming back later on this course they are again at the result slide. Some of them thought: "Ah ok I have to exit and start again to be at the first slide (first question)" like they started the course for the first time. But in that case one further attempt is gone.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Markus,

It sounds like you're looking for the Resume prompt that you've seen in Storyline? I can let the team know you'd like that feature added into Rise too! 

For your existing learners, can they click the option to Retake a quiz from the results screen? You could also reach out to your LMS team and see if they had any ideas for settings on their end. There may be a way to force a new attempt if the user had closed the course or they've reached the completion point.

Christin Williams

Not sure if this is where this question fits... but I have a similar issue that I am trying to get around.  I want users to have the option to take the training OR jump right to the quiz.  If they choose to take the quiz first they must get 100% to receive credit for the course if they get any question wrong they must take the entire training - is there a way to navigate them back to the training from the results page if they don't get 100%? 

Michael Dunn

Hi there, keeping the thread going,,,
I have set a quiz in a course to 2 tries and an 80% pass rate. 
In Review 360 if I get the quiz wrong twice the course just stops. I cannot continue to the completion page.
Is there an option to then branch to a 'completion' page that I am missing? Otherwise there is no way for delegates that 'fail' a quiz to record the fact that they have attempted.
The course will be stored on an LMS.