Quiz Attempts to the LMS

Oct 08, 2021


I wonder if someone can help. I want to ensure my Rise 360  module will send the number of quiz attempts to the LMS as I'm trying to link two e-learning modules, and I need these attempts to be logged. 

Its not working so does anyone know how I can get around this? Would I need to create a quiz & results page from Articulate 360 and insert this? I know that some authoring tools allow you to insert some custom code which can help tracking number of attempts. 

Any advice welcome!!!



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Lea Agato

Hi Mark, here's what happens when a learner takes the same quiz multiple times:

When a learner takes a quiz multiple times within the same course attempt, the most recent quiz score is sent to the LMS upon exit. For example, if they pass it, then fail it, then pass it again, only the final pass would be reported. For learners who try to retake a quiz after closing the course, what happens depends on your LMS. Usually, the LMS allows them to retake the quiz only if the course wasn’t completed. If they took the quiz and completed the course, they most likely won’t be able to retake the quiz.

You can also check out this article for more details on the Rise quiz data sent to the LMS.

I hope this helps!