Quiz completion in Rise

I’m creating a course that I would like to test that knowledge has been acquired before moving to the next section. So that the content and quiz is tied together.

I have an MCQ and have set the continue button after it to require “Complete Block Directly above”. However, it continues whether you have the right answer or not. This is also not helped by the correct answer always being revealed.

Any chance the quiz can have an option to show/hide the correct answer?

Also, can the continue button be made so that it continues on a correct answer?

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Stephen. Knowledge check blocks are really handy for prompting reflection or giving folks a chance to practice what they've learned before they take the scored quiz. However, there isn't currently a feature in place that would allow the continue block to evaluate the correct/incorrect status of a knowledge check block above it. If that's a feature enhancement you'd like to see, please share your thoughts with our dev team with a feature request

In terms of showing/hiding the correct answer feedback in a knowledge check block, the animated check or x icons are built-in and there isn't currently a way to deactivate them, however, you can choose to leave out text feedback so the animated icon is the only feedback learners see. 

I hope I've answered your questions, but feel free to reach out to me here if I can do anything else for you!


Stephen has a similiar issue as mine.  Basically needs a remediated feature for either the Knowledge check or Quiz.  My quizzes are too long for them to continue to check, go back, retake the test.

In Knowledge Checks, 1. I'd like to see the ability to disable the "try again" button. At least you could try to force them to click the correct answer, by putting the "try again" or "yes, continue" in the response text.  or

2. Continue divider (maybe unique to the KC) with an "until they select the correct answer directly above" option to progress  or