Quiz component - completion screen

We're having an issue with a course which uses the CONTINUE block at the bottom of each page of content (as its a nice way for the learner to move through the course consistently - both within a page to separate out or to ensure actions are completed). And this works great - apart from when a quiz component is inserted (generally near the end of the course - but not the actual last piece of content we want the learners to see). And due to the quiz component on its successfully completed state only having the base/footer navigation to progress to the following pages of content (yes, or they could also use the menu) we are finding the learners are never completing the course content - as this navigation is not expected behaviour for them... 

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Crystal Horn

Hi, Glen. It sounds like your learners are having trouble seeing the navigation at the bottom of the quiz results page, and are also unaware they can navigate using the sidebar menu. We are tracking this kind of feedback, and I'll add your experience!

I'll follow up with you here if there are any changes made to the quiz results screen. In the meantime, some course authors have found it helpful to add instructions to quiz description field to continue to the next lesson after the quiz is completed.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Karin,

If the quiz is the final lesson, learners will not see a continue button at the bottom of the quiz results screen.

If you're concerned that learners won't know what to do after completing the quiz, I'd suggest adding a final lesson called "Conclusion." In that lesson, add a button block with the Exit Course setting.