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Hi my learned friends in 360 land.

I could do with your help again if you wouldn't mind. I have written a course in Rise (loving it!) and I have included a quiz at the end. My problem is that while I want my delegates to have another go if they don't pass I would also like those who do pass to exit but there does not seem to be any way of exiting the course after quiz completion. When I take the quiz to test it I get my score, which is great but the only option offered is 'try again'.

Screenshot attached.


Can anyone help please?

Best regards,




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Trevor Kendrick

Hi Alysia,

I wanted to finish on a quiz. However I watched an ELearning Hero's clip
on You Tube that reminded me (Duh) that the interactive button could be
customised to exit the course. so I'm all good now.

Thank you for taking the trouble to reply.

Rise is fantastic, I still use 360 for the big stuff but for most of my
courses Rise is the way to go. One little suggestion for user
friendliness though, how about allowing the edit button on each block to
scroll down with the lesson as its created, saves me scrolling up to get
at the edit button. A small thing and if it can't be done it's no biggy.

Thanks again for your offer of help.

Best regards,