Quizing and knowledge checking in Rise (with help from Storyline)?

Hello,  I consider myself a new-but-skilled user of Rise.  I've created several modules and have used both the knowledge check and quiz blocks.  But, I want to do a survey where learners rate themselves on items, using a 1-3 scale (ex:  1= typical, 2=somewhat typical, 3=very typical).  So, learners rate themselves on 10 things and get an overall "score" (which would be an average of all their ratings).  I do not think I can do this with Rise options, but might be able to in Storyline? Then I could use it (import it into) in my Rise module?  Can anyone give me guidance on how to do this?  The closest I've come was to explore quizmaker (for the first time) and found Likert surveys?  Any advice (or pointing me in right direction) would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Elizabeth!

This sounds like the perfect opportunity to use a Storyline Block! By creating this survey in Storyline 360, you can customize the survey however you like, then embed it seamlessly into your Rise 360 lesson.

Since you want to calculate a total score for the survey results, check out these two discussions for inspiration: