Quizz can be passed with less than the required passing percentage

Oct 05, 2017


I've published a number of Rise courses to our LMS (PeopleStreme) and for many courses a single quiz requires that participants score 100% before being able to progress further.  As a result I've set the course to Complete/Incomplete in the SCORM export settings as a Complete amounts to a passing score having been achieved.

Now we are finding that users are able to progress past the Quizz without achieving the  required pass mark.

Is this just us or is anyone else having this issue?

Please help.

Kind regards


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lionel! It sounds like you have a quiz in the middle of a Rise course, and you want learners to pass with a score of 100% before they can move on to the next lesson, is that correct? 

What you're seeing is by design. When a learner completes a quiz (even without passing), they'll be able to advance to the next lesson. The quiz results and score will still be passed to your LMS, even if the user failed.

I can understand the need to restrict navigation until the learner passes the quiz, and I can pass your need for this along to my team. I'll share this forum discussion and a few others as part of a feature request on your behalf!

For now, would it help to include a message after the quiz letting the learner know that they need to retake the quiz until they receive a passing score? Here's an example of what that could look like.

Marc Koenecke

I've just played with this and, assuming that the method you've shared is the only one available (now and into the future), it would be neater if the quiz was able to reset when the learner clicks the return to quiz button.

I'll add a text prompt to tell them to click re-take quiz but this is just one more step that might confuse those who don't read everything carefully.

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