Quote image sizes vary in Chrome and IE


I'm getting varying image sizes in Internet Explorer that is surprising me. I thought Rise would be handling the sizing. This is using the quote feature. The uniform one is in Chrome (good) and the varied one is in IE (not good). The arrow illustration came from the content library, I supplied the photos. I've tried two different IE 11 versions with the same result.

I'm surprised, I thought Rise scales the images to the same size? Other blocks appear to work okay.

Chrome                                                                 Internet Explorer 11

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Paul! Thanks for including those helpful screenshots.

When you noticed this problem, were you authoring the Rise 360 course, or were you viewing the published course?

I ask because Internet Explorer 11 is only supported for viewing Rise 360 courses, but not for authoring them. 

If you don't mind sending me the Share link, that'd be helpful, too! If you'd rather share it privately, you can do that right here.