Re-publishing a course in Rise changes manifest structure?

Dec 19, 2018

Hi everyone,

So recently published a course using Rise. On it's release the stakeholders requested some text changes. Literally remove 1 word and add 1 sentence. 

Published, tested on SCORM cloud, all good, send to LMS admin to reupload so that those who have already done the course don't need to do it again, but people yet to start will get the 'corrected' version. 

However our LMS, Cornerstone, believes that we have made structural changes to the course and therefore cannot 'reversion'. This has never happened before with our Storyline courses. Does anyone have ideas about why this might be happening? 

LMS Error showing manifest structure changed

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Robbi McGuire

Hello, I am running into the exact same problem.

The only change I made in the Rise course was taking out two words within the lesson, and when I try to re-upload the new zipped SCORM file (I didn't make any changes to any of the settings or anything else, just the two words) in Cornerstone to the course using "Modify Content", it gives me the error about the Manifest. 

Has anyone who had this same problem and has been in touch with the Support Engineers gotten an answer and a fix? 



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