Re-size/re-position labelled graphic text boxes



I'm working on a project and the business owner has asked about me changing the size of the labelled graphic boxes so there is no scroll, as well about changing where the text boxes appear when you click on the label icon (e.g. text box on the left of the icon instead of the right.) I explained that this is not possible but I would suggest it to the Rise team.


That said, I'm assuming there's a reason why this sort of customization doesn't already exist like it does in Storyline, and I'd guess it because of responsive design. Rise is set to make things look good regardless of screen size, dimensions, or orientation and that customization might mess with that?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Justin, you're spot on! The size of the captions and their orientation (open to the left or right) depends on the placement of the marker and the device on which the learner is viewing the course. 

For greater control over those settings, have you considered building the labeled graphic in Storyline and embedding it in Rise using a Storyline Block?