reaching out for help on a sunday

Jun 07, 2020

Hello, I love articulate rise and have created some really nice elearning courses with it, unfortunately we are getting multiple complaints concerning tracking issues. I have reported this to the LMS provider which is ESR in the NHS (UK), they are very slow to respond and as yet have been able to help. 


Many of our learners complete elearning from home and report the non-tracking issue, I have been able to reproduce this and IOS devices do not track rise courses in ESR (I have also reported this to ESR) however android devices do track. I also have had several reports of Mac books and chrome books not tracking rise courses, since i don't own these devices myself i am unable to test this. I suspect this maybe an LMS issue but thought I would try here again to see if anyone else has had this issue and has been able to resolve this. Is there a guaranteed browser that will allow tracking on all devices? I recommend microsoft edge when asked, however some users still report non-tracking issues when using this. 


I'm going slightly bonkers trying to figure this out and would sincerely appreciate any help or advise. 

Thank you,


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