Recording quiz results on Rise


I am currently looking into the possibility of creating an upcoming course in rise which will need to be published to my companies LMS.

I was wondering how the results of the course are recorded when using rise as the results section of the quiz doesn't appear to be able to accommodate the 'exit course' button we would normally use?

Any help is appreciated.




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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kevin,

Did you try adding the Exit course function to your Rise course, or you've been using another method outside the authoring tool? 

Using that will allow a user to leave Rise and return to their LMS. 

The quiz results should be passed once a user reaches the results page, and if you've exported using one of the LMS options (Scorm 1.2, 2004, Tin Can API). If you've run into odd behavior with that in your LMS, I'd also want to try your course at SCORM Cloud. That'll help narrow down what the issue is.