Reducing the need to scroll on quiz questions


posting this as a separate question since it's a very distinct feature.

All our users are in the course of learning basic computer skills, and one thing that's come up very often is that almost every quiz questions need to be scrolled on in order to answer. That's an undue additional difficulty for our learners, but it's also not very pratical for everyday users.

Here's how a typical question answering goes down according to our observations : open question, look at illustration, scroll down to see the answers, then scroll up to compare with the illustration, then scroll down again to choose an answer. Repeat a few times if the learner is hesitant.

That's a bit tedious, and especially frustrating since there's considerable amount of whitespace available on the page (desktop display). It would be useful to be able to switch to a more responsive design for these pages, that make better use of screen real estate and put all the necessary info available at a glance.

Is that currently possible ? I haven't found a relevant setting but may have missed something.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Alix, 

Do you have a sample of one of your courses you could share? I'd like to take a look at what you have set up and offer advice specific to that. You can copy/paste the Share link to include it here in your reply. 

There isn't a setting to prevent the scrolling, as that's part of the design in Rise, but there may be a few other things you could look at changing such as the font size. Also, if you went from viewing the course on a desktop to then a mobile phone, you'd see the content resize and scale to fit the new view - that's the responsive design.

Also, welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! We're glad you're here. 😀

Crystal Horn

Hey Alix.  It sounds like you'd like to see some more formatting options when it comes to your quiz questions with media.  I can see what you're saying about needing to scroll to see both the question details and the answer choices in the desktop display.

Would you be able to mock up a screenshot of what you're seeing and describe layouts that might work better for you in a feature request?  I think having a visual of how you typically use those quiz questions would be a great way for our team to get a feel for what you're experiencing.


Pédagogie @WeTechCare

Hi Ashley & Crystal,

Attached is a quick gif of what we're experiencing :

tall gif

You can find that same course here : at the lesson "Se Tester".

I don't have a mockup ready but I'll see if I can whip something up.

Thanks !

Pédagogie @WeTechCare

Now that I think about it, we also have a similar issue with some non-quiz component like the clickable image. Since it can only be full width, the image is quite often taller than the browser's screen and you can't fit the whole image in one glance.

tall clickable image

You can find that course here : at "Repérer les parties du bureau en quelques clics"

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Alix for those gifs! I see what you're describing now, and I also was curious what devices you're viewing it on? 

They both looked a bit narrow compared to what I see on desktop Chrome at full screen. I know a few other folks have asked for options to further edit the padding and margins around each lesson and the Rise course as a whole - it sounds like the same type of change would help your set up? I'll link this discussion to that request so that we can keep you posted, and feel free to share any other examples or mockups with us too!

Pédagogie @WeTechCare

I'm viewing these courses on a 1366x768 laptop, browser window maximized but not full screen. So, not that narrow as far as I can tell. Our learners will often only have access to older 4:3 computer screens, so probably narrower.

Yes I think being able to tweak paddings could help, especially on clickable images. For quizes I guess it could as well, though it depends on which element's padding we could alter.

Thanks for following up !


Pédagogie @WeTechCare

Not sure if I should open another forum topic, but something else that's kind of bothering us is taht it's not yet possible to disable "zoom picture on click" inside quizzes. Since many of our images are screen captures, learners are often prone to try to click the picture to interact with it instead of clicking on an answer. And then they have a picture in full screen which they don't really know what to do with.

It'd be really cool to be able to disable this in the quizzes options like it's possible in the Image block's options.