Reliability of linking directly to Rise Lessons

Dec 14, 2020


I've seen lots of discussion here around linking directly to lessons.  Many will know you can link directly to lessons by incorportating the unique lesson ID into the Rise guide URL path.  For example:


My question to the Rise experts at Articulate is how reliable is this URL format going forward?  Is this URL format for linking to lessons pretty much baked into your product now and won't change in future updates?  Under what circumstances can the unique IDs to specific lessons change?

Your advice very much appreciated.

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Stuart Anderson

Thanks for that.  I guess you are saying that you can't rule it out, but there are currently no plans to.  I can live with that as long as there is always the ability to link directly to specific lesson.  Are you able to at least commit to users always being able to link to specific lessons?

This is because I have proposed a roll out lots of Rise guides, but with all the Rise navigation turned off and instead linking directly to specific lessons.  This gives us the flexibility to present the same content, but from two different systems/views, and at a more granualar level (the Lesson).  Direct lesson linking (without Rise navigation) is essential to us.  Thanks.