Relocate a Rise Cover Image

I'm trying to locate the same cover-image I used previously and I'm pretty sure I pulled it from the Content Library of suggested cover images, but I'm struggling to find it a second time. 

I'm pretty sure I didn't upload the image independently, but is there a way to tell? I checked source code and I'm no expert in that field, but it appears I may be using a Content Library image, I just can't seem to find it no matter what search terms I use. I'm open to any ideas; the image really fit what I needed and now I can't find it again. 

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Jessamyn Evans

Yes! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I tried for 30 minutes to come up with the right search terms to bring up that image and just couldn't find it. I tried everything from teams to laptop to no avail. THANK YOU THANK YOU! There for a few minutes I was afraid that I had uploaded it from an external source and it was missing on my computer.