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Jan 20, 2017

Hi, is there anyway to add a resources or widget area in Rise, where to upload pdf documents visible from each page in the course?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Marco!

Great question - it sounds like you're interested in a feature that functions similarly to the “Resources tab” in Storyline, essentially an area that is easily accessible no matter where you are in the course. Can you tell us a bit more about how you would use this feature and how you’d like it to perform? You can share all of your ideas with our product development team right here.

As of now, there isn’t a Resources area that is accessible from every page of a Rise course, but we do have an Attachments block on our roadmap of future features. At this point I can’t say when that feature will be released or exactly how it will function, but it could be something you could use to add resources to each page of your course. For now, I might suggest hosting the resources elsewhere (Scribd and Amazon S3 are good options), and using a Text block to hyperlink all of your resources in one place.

Stay tuned for more information on the Attachment block! We'll be sure to update this thread once the feature is released.

Tim Macdermot

Hi Alyssa, i dont think this is what Cathy is speaking about. 

Cathy, along with me and most people i imagine would like to have a 'resources' button that sits in the menu bar on the left hand side of the page and is not included as part of a topic. It would be incredibly useful to have a global button to access resources.

I'm dumbfounded as to why this still hasn't been added?

There are many aspects of this product that need to be addressed before making other changes for example, interaction scenario, adding quick inserts, table blocks etc

A quick list of what is needed to make this a leading platform in responsive learning:

  • accessibility WCAG AA compliant (very big one that needs to happen)
  • results page where you can provide more information to the user eg what to do next, try again or exit button
  • more options with the assessment functionality
  • greater access to customizing the theme (this is a big one)
  • buttons to place in the menu for global access eg a help page or resources page
  • actions to trigger elements on the screen eg (Autoplay audio and video)

I love that you guys are making new stuff, but i would prefer to have the above before you give me a 'table' or 'new interaction' to work with.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for taking the time to share what matters to you most, Tim. I've shared your list with my team so we can keep your input in mind when we plan for the future. I'll also tag this discussion to be updated with improvements in these areas.

In the meantime, would you mind elaborating a bit more about what options you'd like to see with the assessment functionality? You can keep the conversation going here, or send us a feature request. Thanks!

Janette Nicholson

Even if there was a way to add these documents but without the icons and document names... for instance, we're going to be using Rise for new hire welcome packages and, depending on which office the new hire is joining, we want them to click on the city and find an interactive map and transit options. These maps are currently in .pdf format so the user will see the .pdf icon on the left and then the "Toronto map.pdf" as the document title. 

The current Attachment feature still looks a bit clunky. As for hosting these documents elsewhere and linking to them, we have a very strict governance program regarding saving documents elsewhere so anything that Articulate could do to make this look a bit 'nicer' - it doesn't look as pretty as all of the typical Rise content!! 

Thank you!

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