Restrict course to one time

Hi, I have a question which I tried hard to find a solution through other forum responses but unfortunately, it is a new one.

So what we would like to create is a one time test course.


Rise page 1:
User read one page with instructions before the test and agree to take the test.

Rise page 2:
User watches a video for 25 minutes like a real time scenario. (if user closes the tab or renew it or anything else he cannot watch the video again.) As I said it is a real time scenario and user must watch the video the time he clicks on that. 

Rise page 3:
User watches the same video for second and last time. 

After the second viewing:
User is not able to access the course again.

We would integrate this course into our LMS.

To sum up, I think I can find out how to lock the pages and set timers. But I want to make sure that the user will not cheat such as, reload the tab and rewatch the video or then try from an incognito window etc.

Note: our videos are on vimeo so I have already locked them to not going forward/backward etc.

Thank you very much, I hope it is understandable the way I described it.

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Tom,

This sounds like something that would need to be done on the LMS side. I would try to get in touch with your LMS provider about whether or not it's possible to stop learners from accessing a course that's already marked as complete.

In the meantime, if there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know!

Tom Kappa

Hi Allison

Thanks for your reply.

However, lets think that scenario out of an LMS. 

What if you want the user to see a specific page only once and that's all? never go back...Well, while I am writing I can think this is kind of impossible as for this you need to set up account and authentication etc...

Best wishes.