Restricted Navigation Behavior Once Learner Completes Course in LMS

I've seen a couple of old discussions, but no final answer on the questions:

If I set navigation to 'restricted', set the LMS to resume where left off, and the learner completes the course -- what happens to navigation once the learner goes back into the course? Are they able to navigate to any lesson or does the course reset back to 'restricted'? Also, will the LMS maintain the completion status from the first time the learner completed the course or will this reset as well? Thank you!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Theresa! You might see some variance from LMS to LMS, but generally, your course will remain as completed in the LMS once they've met the requirement. You won't be able to overwrite a new score or status once the completion requirement is met.

Learners can revisit the course, and they'll be able to navigate freely since all of the lessons are completed and unlocked. Let us know if you're seeing something different and which LMS you use. Some LMSs allow you to reset learners in a course and wipe out progress.