Restricting Continuation in Rise if Storyline Assessment is Failed

I'm creating a course in Rise that consists of a variety of modules from multiple sources. I have then created 7 different assessments that must be passed in order to pass the Rise course.

From previous discussions, it looks like I need to ensure that users pass each assessment before moving to the next block so that I can be assured that they have passed all assessments, and then make passing the final assessment the requirement for course completion.

I've seen this link that says to track by complete course trigger in order to make sure that I can restrict navigation. 

BUT... if I do that, I assume that means that I can't get score reports from my LMS. I'm going to want to be able to capture data to see what questions people are missing, etc. 

I'll test this, but is that a correct assumption?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jennifer. You're right that if you track a Storyline quiz by the completion trigger, the success information of the quiz won't pass through Rise 360 to the LMS. So each of these individual Storyline assessments could restrict navigation, but they won't share quiz data.

When you export the entire Rise 360 course for LMS, you will choose what you are tracking for the Rise 360 course completion: percentage viewed, quiz result or Storyline block.

Will your final assessment be a Rise 360 quiz or a final Storyline block? If it's the latter, choose to track the final Storyline quiz by quiz result when you publish it to Review 360. Then, you'll get quiz success data into your LMS (but not individual question data).

Let me know if I can clarify any of that information!