Résultats de plusieurs quiz dans RISE dans LMS


J'ai trouvé cette information qui date d'il y a 2 ans, précisant que Rise enregistrait les réponses des multiples quiz :

"Rise reports raw data from all quizzes in a course. "

Pouvez vous me confirmer si c'est toujours le cas et si c'est valable avec des quiz créés dans StoryLine, publiés dans Rewiew et intégré dans Rise ?

J'ai créé un SCORM avec 12 quiz (SL) et des vidéos, et je voudrais avoir les réponses à mes quiz dans mon LMS (CSOD) .



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Alyssa Gomez

I found this information from 2 years ago, specifying that Rise was recording the answers to multiple quizzes:

"Rise reports raw data from all quizzes in a course."

Can you confirm if this is still the case and if it is valid with quizzes created in StoryLine, published in Rewiew and integrated in Rise?

Hello, Christèle! It sounds like you created a Storyline block quiz, is that right?

You can track the Storyline block quiz score by choosing the quiz tracking option when you publish from Storyline to Review 360. Then, choose to track the Rise course by the Storyline block. Check out more details in this article.

In that scenario, the quiz score will be sent to the LMS, but question-level details aren't sent to the LMS for Storyline blocks. Let me know if that answers your question!

Christèle Galland

Hi Alissa,


Thanks for your answer. I know that i can track only one quiz with quiz tracking option. But I do not have only one quiz : i have multiple storyline blocks quizzes in one Rise course. 

Allison wrote in a post 2 years ago : "Rise reports raw data from all quizzes in a course". (https://community.articulate.com/discussions/rise-360/rise-quiz-scoring-for-multiple-quiz-blocks) . So i want to know if Rise reports all data from all quizzes even if those quizzes are storyline blocks. Or is it working only for quizzes created with rise ? 


Thank you !

Crystal Horn

Hi Christèle,

No, question level detail is never sent from Storyline quizzes in Rise. If you enable debug mode, you can see the communication between the Rise course and your LMS. When taking the Storyline quiz, you should see once you've passed the assessment. You won't see the responses for each question, however.

Multiple Rise quizzes will communicate learner responses to the LMS, but it's up to the LMS whether that information can be revealed to you. 

Christèle Galland

Thanks Crystal! 

I've tested with CSOD and I have responses into a report with SCORM 2004.

Now I have to find a solution because we need unscored question (text only) ! I've tried with "fill the form" question but I can't hde score at the end of the quiz... Do you know a solution to collect non scored answer with rise ?


Crystal Horn

You're welcome, Christèle. Check out this community member's post where Sam created a workaround to capture unscored short answer information in Rise 360. Please ask any questions about that workaround in his discussion.

The only other solution I could offer is to embed a survey or other form tool in your course as a multimedia embed block. In that case, you would have to go to the third party tool to collect the responses since they won't be sent to the LMS.

I hope that helps!