Results Screen Changes


There is a need to change the Results screen. The following are the requirements:

1. Customized feedback based on the result. If user passes, he must be given feedback e.g. You have passed the exams etc. and same for incomplete, it must be displayed that you couldn't pass or fail the exams.

2- Could we replace the icons based on the results? like add new icons when user gets passed and different icon when he gets failed.

3- Increase the font size in the results screen


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Hbl L&D,

Thanks for letting us know you have a need to customize the design of the Rise quiz results screen. You've shared some great ideas, and I'm happy to pass this along to our product team.

In the meantime, you can always design your quiz and results slide in Storyline, then embed the Storyline quiz in Rise using a Storyline block. It's something to keep in mind for future courses!

Syed Ali Haider Rizvi

How would I link my Rise Result with Storyline Block.

Supposing, I have completed the assessments on Rise and now how would that result impact in Storyline Block. There must be some variable required so that both of them could communicated to each other.

How would I display my achieved 80% etc. result on Storyline Block.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Hbl L&D,

If you designed the quiz in Storyline, you actually wouldn't need to build the quiz in Rise. 

In Storyline, you'll publish for Articulate 360, click the Tracking property, and choose a tracking option. (If you want to track a quiz score in your LMS, be sure to choose the quiz result option.)

Using a Storyline quiz, the Storyline results slide would be the only results slide in the Rise course. Let me know if you'd like some help setting that up!
Jennifer Sader

I agree that we need some flexibility in the feedback screens. I have a client whose primary brand color is red. When they see the red check in the CORRECT screen, they think it looks incorrect. Being able to customize the color of that icon or even create my own version of correct/incorrect would be helpful. I see that there have not been any updates in a year or so. I just want to insert a question or two for interactivity and it would be cleaner to be able to do it in Rise itself.


Louise Lindop

Please please please Articulate can we have some customizable options on the quiz results slide. Generally I am able to use the 'What to do Next' workaround however if you are limiting the number of attempts and not allowing users to move forward until they complete the previous section, this cannot be used and the users literally get stuck if they fail. I've been using Rise since day 1 and have been hoping for improvements in this area since day 1. 

My course design is

  • Section 1 (lesson, lesson, lesson quiz 1)
  • Section 2 (lesson, lesson, lesson quiz 2)
  • Section 3 (lesson, lesson, lesson quiz 3)
  • Section 4 (lesson, lesson, lesson quiz 4)
  • Conclusion

Settings are:

  • All quizzes are set to allow 2 retries.
  • Navigation throughout is set to restricted to ensure they stay on track and pass each quiz before proceeding to the next section
  • Course completion requires the passing of quiz 4.


  • If a user fails any of the quizzes they get stuck on the results slide where we have no ability to give them any instruction or advice or direct them anywhere else.

I'm also a big Storyline user but believe that embedding a Storyline quiz into Rise for basic multiple-choice questioning shouldn't be necessary. We use Rise for its rapid development and fully responsive design and embedding SL interactions defeats the purpose on both counts.

Any ideas, help, advice (or new features) would be appreciated.

Louise Lindop

Thanks Alyssa

I have also put a feature request in.

It would be good to be able to add some text to the screen and an exit button perhaps.

"You didn't pass, you need to do this now (whatever you want them to do goes here). Click Exit."

Right now if they fail their max attempts they are simply stuck with a big cross, no buttons, no instructions, can't move forward, nothing.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Cat! 

While there isn't a way to insert custom text on the quiz results screen, we have added a more prominent Continue button to help learners know what to do next after they pass the quiz.

Simply select the continue button on the quiz settings page, as shown below. Then, be sure the previous and next buttons are turned on in the course settings.

Finally, preview the entire course (not just the quiz), and you'll see the continue button.

Matthew Bibby

The problem with this Alyssa is that it only gives us the option of providing feedback after someone was PASSED the quiz. I don't use Rise much, so maybe I'm missing a trick here... but I had a client who had a really simple request recently. They had a Rise quiz and wanted to show a message to the learner after they completed the quiz. If they passed, a 'Congrats' type message. And if they failed, a 'Please quit the course' message.

I was so incredibly embarrassed when I had to explain to them that this wasn't possible. 

Rise has been out for years now. I can't believe that we still can't do basic stuff like provide quiz level feedback.