Resume Dialog Box Prompt in Rise?

Jan 28, 2021

On our LMS (Cornerstone), Rise courses automatically re-open to the lesson containing the bookmark that was set when the course was closed. No issue there other than the course opening at the top of the lesson instead of at the block the learner last saw. 

In Storyline, the player usually asks the learners if they want to resume or start over prior to navigating to a bookmarked slide. 

Is there an option in Rise (or a workaround) that allows you to create a storyline-like Resume dialog box? 

The Storyline resume option is helpful if someone picks the wrong role-based branch in a course and I was hoping for something similar in Rise. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Robert! 

When a Rise 360 course is hosted in an LMS, learners can exit and resume with their progress intact. The course will automatically pick up at the beginning of the last lesson or quiz where they left off. 

Rise 360 doesn't have a resume dialog box like Storyline 360 has, but thanks for letting us know you are interested in that option!