Retrieve variable from one storyline block in a different storyline block using LMS

Aug 07, 2018


Not sure if this is not possible or I am not doing it right.  I am trying to use a storyline block to determine a level of provider at the beginning of a rise module and then use that information in a later storyline block to alter their path within that block.  I am trying to use javascript to do this. 

Do the separate storyline blocks have separate variables sent to the LMS that cant be seen by one another?  I tried to pass a variable called level to the lms and then pull it back with another storyline block.  I dont know if it is my poor javascript skills or if this is not possible at all. 

Any thoughts are appreciated.



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Steve Flowers

Hey Tim - 

Storyline blocks in Rise don't connect to the LMS. They will communicate with Rise to unlock continue buttons, for example, but this is one-direction only. 

You could probably customize some javascript in post publish that you could then ping from your Storyline blocks. This would give you persistence between sessions. In the same session, you'll likely be successful setting a variable in the parent and grabbing that same variable into another storyline block. As long as everything in your package is running from the same location, you shouldn't need to run Post Message to communicate between frames. This approach wouldn't store it after closing.  Would need some code in your Rise package to store it away and retrieve the value without messing with Rise specific behaviors.

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That would be great Steve.  Any thoughts on what LMS elements I could use? My coding skills are literally copy and paste from smart guys like you and hope it works.

I do a lot of stuff where I have to separate content by two different levels which worked well in Storyline.  I love Rise but need to sort this out somehow.



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