Reusing Storyline Blocks in Rise

I wanted to document this issue in case anyone else ran into it.

If you reuse a Storyline block within your Rise course, you may run into errors with your LMS. For whatever reason, Rise will save all the instances of the Storyline block in a single folder in the LMS zip file, and your LMS may be very confused by the duplicates. It will work within SCORM Cloud, which will make it hard to diagnose what the issue is.

To get around it, you need to publish out the same Storyline file with different names to Review360. At that point, it will consider them different Storyline blocks, and place them in different folders.

Hopefully, this is an issue that can be addressed in the future, because there are cases where you would want to recycle a Storyline block. In my case, I'd created a block for reflections/self-responses.

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