review Quiz answers?

Hi there,

Is there a way to let your users review their answers after completing a quiz? If I don't reveal the answer immediately, they don't get a chance to see which questions they got right or wrong, only a score. I'd like to give feedback on which questions they got wrong so they can refer to the learning material and try again.


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Jenny Armanious

Chiming in as well...I have submitted a similar request for feedback on incorrect answers without showing the correct answer. If that isn't something that is coming up soon (which ALL of of my users have been requesting) is there a way to display the feedback by option without revealing the correct answer at the same time? I do not want to reveal the correct answer upon question submission- nowhere close to being appropriate testing methodology. Thanks!! I really, really hope this can be fixed soon!

Mark Banit

+1, and just submitted a feature request for this. Would have at least thought there would be an option to at least tell the learner if they were correct/incorrect for each question, and if wrong just not show the correct answer.

From a learning point of view, this is a huge miss, as if someone passes but got questions wrong, there is no way for them to know where there knowledge gaps are to correct it.

Brett Treptow

This would be a great feature.
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