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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Helena,

I'm seeing the same thing when testing out a Rise sorting activity within Internet Explorer 11, although as you mentioned it does work fine in Chrome. I'm going to report this to our QA team to dig a bit deeper into what may be happening and I'll share an update with you here as soon as I can!

I did find that when IE11 wasn't in full screen then the cards were appropriately spaced out. So you may want to look at using that as a workaround in the meantime. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi all,

Great news! We were able to roll out a fix for the Rise sorting activity display issues you're all seeing in IE11. That fix is already pushed out to you in Rise, so you'll just want to double check and reexport any course that you already have hosted on your web server/LMS to ensure it has the update for your IE11 users. 

Also, here's a link to the release notes where this is documented.

Rebecca Mogollon

I am using a sorting game in a course. I noticed in Chrome it looks OK - but it has to be either very narrow or very wide, because when it's very narrow or very wide, the boxes get smaller and that provides more visibility of all the boxes. But in IE, even if I make the activity narrow or wide, it still lines all the boxes up vertically. so you literally can only see one box below the sorting tags.

Attached is a screenshot. 

Is there any way we can dictate the size of the boxes? If not I have to abandon use of this activity altogether because our whole nationwide company of 10,000 ppl pretty much uses IE11 on company-issued computers.

Thank you!

Justin Grenier

Thanks for the screenshots, Rebecca.  Those are helpful.

The interface in your screenshots looks new to me, and I'm guessing you might be hosting a Rise course inside a frame on your website or Learning Management System.  That should generally work fine, but do you see the same problem when accessing a Rise course using the Share link?  Also, what if you test the course in SCORM Cloud?

Rebecca Mogollon

Hi Justin! Actually, we are not exporting this as Scorm. We are just hosting it from the share link through an iFrame. The reason that the boxes are lining up is because the iframe cannot get wide enough. If I make it wide enough to show all four buckets, it will not display properly in the course. As you can see from the original screenshot, at 900 pixels it is already hanging off the course boundaries. (yet still not displaying properly).

Attached is a video displaying what happens as it gets wider. I imagine around 1100 pixels is when it resizes in IE. I also show Chrome, afterward. It behaves much different (and better). Thank you so much for looking into this!

Justin Grenier

Thanks very much for those details, Rebecca.  That really helps, and I see a couple of things going on here:

  1. The responsiveness differences in your video may be because Microsoft's implementation of HTML5 (our responsive engine) is a bit behind Google's (you can compare the HTML5 performance of Chrome and IE by clicking here) but we'll also take a look into whether or not we can improve the behavior you're seeing in IE.  I'll update this conversation with any news on that.
  2. Rather than embedding the Rise share link in an IFrame, we'd recommend exporting your Rise course using the No LMS - Web Only option, then hosting the published output on your Web Server.  The Share feature is really for designed for light sharing, not so much for production training or embedding in another site.

Let us know how it goes!