Rise 360

Mar 16, 2021


I'm new in using Articulate and for the moment I'm not into building courses, but rather I would love to use some of the cool features for other purposes. Is it, for instance, possible to make an interactive box, using the labeled graphics feature in Rise and embed the box in another website. That is, just downloading the interactive graphic itself, not the course? Or could it possibly be done in Storyline?

Thanks a lot in advance!



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Renz Sevilla

Hi Sidsel! Welcome to the community forums and thanks for choosing Articulate 360 products!

Sounds like you want to embed and repurpose some of the featured blocks of Rise. You can certainly publish a single lesson Rise 360 course for the web, and upload these to your site!

For your use case though, since you only want to show the labeled graphic in a non-lesson/course format, you can use Storyline 360 instead to create your own Labeled Graphic interaction. Then you can publish this for web, and upload this to your web host.

Hope that helps! I'm sure the community will chime in as well for features they've tried on their websites!