Rise 360 Access to Learners: Shareable Web Link versus Hosting on Web Server


I am newly using Articulate Rise 360.  I've just reviewed this article to understand how to share a course with learners:  https://articulate.com/support/article/How-to-Share-Articulate-Rise-Courses-with-Learners

I will not be using an LMS, so the options are to share the web link or to host it on a web server.  I've found additional resources for how to do so with Amazon S3 and Cloudberry. 

Regarding the option of just sharing a web link, the above article states, 

"Viewing a course via a shareable link is not a long-term hosting solution. And a shared course doesn’t track your learners’ progress. When they leave and come back, they have to start all over.

We recommend you export your course to an LMS or a permanent web host for the best learner experience."

Yet, for the permanent web host, it also states that you can't track learners' progress, so what is the difference/pros/cons of hosting it on a web server?

Thank you so much in advance.



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Karl Muller

The Share link is to be used for "light" sharing, for example when a subject matter expert needs to review a course for accuracy. The Share link is not to be used for free course hosting purposes. You can add a password to protect the link.

From a learner perspective, there is no difference between a Share link and a link to a course hosted on Amazon or any other server. The learner clicks on a link, and launches the course. Upon leaving the course, no learner progress data is saved. When a learner returns to the course again, they will need to restart the course from the beginning every time.

PRO's: cheap to do do this kind of hosting compared to using a LMS.

CON's: no learner data is saved. Learners have to restart the course each time. Training administrators don't know who did the training or how well they did.