Rise 360 and Blackboard: How do you change the resume behavior?

Apr 09, 2020

Hello heroes!

I have created several short courses using Rise 360 - at the end of each of the course I have a quiz.  When I export these courses I am exporting them as SCORM (2004 4 edition) packages and am tracking them using the quiz at the end.  I then uploaded the SCORM packages to Blackboard and have built several 'lessons' using my SCORM packages.  Everything is working well, the user can log in and out and pick up where they left off, the quizzes are being logged into the Bb Gradebook it looks great!  Except that when the user passes the quiz at the end of the lesson, Blackboard then hides the lesson from the learner.  There is no way the learner can go back and review the content they successfully completed. 

I know there is a resume behavior in Storyline but how can I set up my Blackboard course or RISE 360 course so the learner can go back and review content they successfully completed?  Is this a RISE issue or a Blackboard issue?  Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Karl Muller

Rise does not offer any control over resume behavior.

The issue that your learners cannot go back and review the content they have successfully completed, is not controlled by Rise.

Our LMS is set up to always be open. Once learners have completed a lesson or the entire course, they can always go back and revisit any lesson or retry any quiz.

Hopefully someone familiar with Blackboard can help you to resolve the issue.


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