Rise 360: Bookmarks and External Links in Success Factors

We created a course in Rise 360 and uploaded it to SuccessFactors. The course runs smoothly, except our course testers are experiencing problems retaining bookmarks in the course and  I have been able to recreate what seems to be the problem in 2 ways:

1) I know the learner must use "Exit Course" to leave the course rather than close the browser. That is one way the bookmarks are "erased" and the course starts over if they close the tab vs. "Exit Course". Is there a fix for this other than jsut telling the learner to use "Exit Course" or their bookmarks will be erased?

2) When the learner visits an external URL as a link from within the course it opens a new tab for them to review the website. Then when they close the external site tab - not the course tab in SuccessFactors - that also restarts the course and erases their bookmarks. 

Is there any way to avoid these behaviors and retain their bookmarks? I have read discussion about the launch path and versioning issues, however, that does not seem to be a fix this problem. Suggestions??


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Kimberlye Joyce

Arghhhh - just now tested again and was able to see the correct behavior this time (i.e. opened in new window vs. new tab) in two lessons to open a URL. Then, I was able to continue the course after closing the new window to that link. Next, when I went to a different URL in one of those lessons, it opened in a new tab (vs. new window) and when I clicked the tab to close - it reset the course and I lost my bookmarks AGAIN! That is TRIPLE weird because the behavior is VERY inconsistent. Using Edge and Success Factors.