Rise 360 - Course Copies not working

Jun 26, 2020

Hello Rise 360 folks,


My co-worker and I have two rise accounts, one for each of us. Right now, we are consolidating because we only need 1 account for 1 author. Rise account (A) is in a 60-day trial, and Rise account (B) is also in a 60-day trial. When a course owner of account (A) hit's "Send a copy" and it arrives in account (B) it is not working as intended.


Instead the course arrives and is shown as still being owned by account (A) and account (B) cannot do anything except make edits, or preview. No publish features, etc. It is almost like the course was shared directly between 2 accounts, rather than a copy being generated and sent over.




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Justin! 

Can you tell me more about how you sent a copy from one author to another? 

You'll want to click the ellipsis (...) for the course you want to share, then choose Send a copy from the menu that appears.

If you followed those steps and you're still having trouble, would you mind sending me a screen recording of what you're seeing from your side? Thanks!

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