Rise 360 courses exported to web/HTML - JS to hold learners' place / save progress?

So I was surprised and disappointed to learn that Rise 360 courses exported to the web/ HTML can't track learners' places or save progress! This is a very basic functionality that I've had with Trivantis's Lectora authoring tool since back in 2013.

Has anyone come up with a workaround for this? Some sort of JS I can embed into the source files after export to save a learner's place in the course? The course itself is so beautiful, but it's essentially nonfunctional as a course. The promise of having a menu that checks off progress isn't fulfilled by the way it currently operates. Any suggestions? Does anyone have a partner service you can refer me to who can get the job done? Thanks, everyone!

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Lora! Sorry to hear you were disappointed by this. If you need to track learner progress, you would need to export for LMS to track learner progress and data.

For more information on the different methods to share courses with your learners, please see this article. That being said, I'll leave it to the community to chime in if they have any workarounds for tracking progress for HTML web-exported content.