Rise 360 Export to Moodle - scrolling issue


I export my Rise 360 content to LMS 1.2. The functionality is fine and the prog works in terms of grading etc, but the course itself requires the user to scroll to see all content - is there no way to stop from from happening?

The above is 'Current Window' in Moodle. If I change to 'New Window' it still has scroll bars on the main window.

It's not very accessible or nice to look at - it'd have thought this  would 'embed' as the full window or at least be editable in someway?

We do need to report on this within Moodle so just embedding from Rise itself isn't an option.




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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Juli! 

We've seen similar comments about a double scroll bar in Moodle when the Rise 360 content is launched in a frame. When you launch the content in a new window, you can stretch the browser window to fill your screen. Let me know if that's not what you're seeing from your side, and we'll take a closer look!