Rise 360 File Management

I'm working on a large project with lots of files for different levels of training. After much confusion, we added the course name to the beginning of each file so we could at least find them. That stinks because now that's the name of the published file - and yes we can gyrate while publishing but we shouldn't have to do that just for file management.

The files are quite a mess. We can move things to folders, but when we're in the main folder we see everything and there's no way to tell if any of those belong to folders. So if I move files into a folder and IDs send more files, there's no way to look at the list and say - oh I forgot to put those in their proper folder! We can go to the folder but there's no way to tell if one file is missing without a full audit every time we access the files!

What's the deal? What are best practices for finding and managing files in Rise? I tried searching and didn't really find anything helpful. It's currently unsustainable. Is anything in the works? Help!

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