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Long time user of storyline but very new with Rise 360.

I'm trying to set up an example course to see if it suits my needs. The first problem I encountered is the language and font settings. I'm Israeli and most of my team's work is in hebrew. Although the Rise supports hebrew, it seems impossible to change the fonts of the text. 

I've already uploaded the relevant fonts to Rise (WOFF format) but it seems to have no affect on the text. It does show the new fonts in settings mode but not in the course editor itself.


See attachments for the difference between settings mode and editor view.




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Yuval BP

Hi Crystal,

Thank you for the quick reply. It gets even weirder than that.

I don't see any change of fonts in any text block, but also there's a difference between the font shown on the text block and the font shown in the sidebar when i press Edit.

As you can see in the image i attached (hope it is clear enough) the text is in Arial font in the sidebar (i didn't download Arial font) and a different one in the block itself - neither of them are the fonts I uploaded to Rise.

Here is the list of the fonts I uploaded -



Alef, Alef Bold




Thank for the help,




Alyssa Gomez

Thanks, Yuval.

When you preview the course, does it look like the Rubik font is used for headings and the Assistant font is used for body text?

If not, our team can review your course to see why this might be happening. If that works for you, you can reach out to our Support Engineers by clicking here. 

Yuval BP

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for the help. It doesn't show the right fonts in preview mode so I submitted a case for support, hope they will get back to soon.

I also posted another question and haven't got any replies yet about user tracking in Web exports of Rise -


Can you assist with this matter as well?


Thank you very much,