Rise 360 - Marker Text Box Issue

Hi - I'm hoping someone can help me with an issue that I can't seem to find an answer on by searching.

I have a labeled graphic that I have markers I'm using to point out and describe specific areas. On some of these markers, I have uploaded a video and have added closed captioning to be ADA compliant. When I did this, the expand screen button almost disappears (using Mozilla Firefox). This expand option is needed to view the closed captioning and also view the video or it's too small. Additionally, I tried viewing this using Google Chrome. It's worse. In Chrome, a picture-in-picture option appears before the expand screen option so the expand screen isn't an option.

Is there a way to enlarge the box of a maker style so all of the screen options are displayed properly? I just can't imagine this is how it "has" to be, so I am hoping maybe I'm doing something wrong. This is so simple to use this way and I do not want to have to create in Storyline or some other product and embed it that way.

I attached a document with the screenshots showing what I'm talking about.

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