Rise 360 Multimedia Embed block stripping iframe id

Nov 03, 2022

I'm trying to use the embed multimedia block with a custom iframe code, but every time I press enter the code I typed is displayed minus the id attribute.

ie. I'll input <iframe src="page.htm" scrolling="yes" id="my-iframe"></iframe> and when I press Enter it becomes <iframe src="page.htm" scrolling="yes"></iframe>

Is this intended behavior? I need to be able to assign an id in order for a custom script I have to function properly.


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Crystal Horn

Hi Laura,

I saw the same thing when I tested with another embed code that included the id attribute. The embed block doesn't support every attribute that you can add to an embed code, but I'll need to find out why it's actually removing the id attribute when you save the code. I'll post what I find out here!

As an alternative, could you add your web content in Storyline 360, and bring it in through the Storyline block?

Crystal Horn

Sure thing, Laura. I should have attached some in the first place! 

This article talks about adding videos to your Storyline 360 course; I'm suggesting the video option instead of web object because it allows for the iframe code. I'll edit my last reply since web objects only allow URLs.

After publishing the Storyline project to Review 360, you can add it as a block in Rise 360.

You can click to view a quick video here of what I did!