Rise 360 - Multiple Translated Languages in 1 published SCORM course

May 19, 2020

We are about to launch a course on COVID-19 to our global associates. We have built this course in Rise, but obviously would love to have native speakers take the course in their native language. 

I know Rise supports translations, but the real question is how does that look on an LMS? Is there a separate SCORM package for each translated language? Is there any way to have a user select their language at the beginning, and then it displays that languages translated course? 

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Karl Muller

Hi Chris, if you make copies of your original course and translated those into different languages, then you would need to publish a SCORM  package for each language. In your LMS they would show up as a separate courses. You would need to create an admin process to determine which learner gets which language version of the course. 

Karl Muller

I'm not a Storyline user, so perhaps someone else can answer that part of your question.

Theoretically you could create a page in Rise where learners could choose their language, but having all of the languages in one Rise course presents several issues.

Rise only allows one set of navigation labels for a course, so if it was set to English for example, it would always be English, no matter which language they chose.

Navigation is another issue that needs to be addressed: how would you keep them within their specific language stream? You would have to turn of the sidebar menu and devise your own navigation scheme for each language.

Another issue is how do you determine completion? If you are using a quiz, Rise only allows you to use a single quiz, so that would be limited to a quiz in only one language.

If you are using a percentage of pages viewed in the course, that also becomes tricky. 

Having multiple languages will also bloat the size of your SCORM package.

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