Rise 360 - Question data reporting to LMS innacurately.

Jun 23, 2020

Hello Rise 360 community,

I am having a bit of an issue with the time stamps on the data being reported out from Rise 360 quiz questions.

See image attached.

All time stamps are exactly the same. Here are some settings for the course:

  • Quiz attempts = unlimited
  • Scorm 2004, 3rd version
  • Reporting by Quiz Results
  • Passing score 75% (4 questions, 3/4 correct to pass)


Has anyone else run into this issue?



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Crystal Horn

Hello, Justin. Your course should be communicating the quiz data as the learner experiences each question. That means, time stamps should reflect when the leaner experienced each question. To check, you can enable debug mode and watch the communication flow between your course and the LMS. If you'd like help with troubleshooting your course, please let us know by clicking here

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