Rise 360 SCORM 2004 4th Ed. and Module Reporting in Cornerstone OnDemand

Feb 11, 2021

Hello helpful community members! Long time-reader, first time poster.

For those using Articulate Rise 360 and perhaps Cornerstone LMS too, have you found that the  Standard Report: "SCORM 2004 Course Progress Chart" gives you data on which sections or lesson(s) a user has engaged in or not? We are publishing in SCORM 2004 4th edition and CSOD doesn't seem to pick up on the different sections and lessons within our Rise courses.

In the included screenshots, expected to see the different sections listed (if not the individual lessons) - “Before You Begin”, “Your Admin Console: Mobile Settings”, and “Congratulations!“. But CSOD only shows what appears to be the overall course (we used a sample course name of "5. SCORM 2004 - 4th ed - 90% - completed/incomplete") and one section.

Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated!

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