Rise 360 Storyline Blocks Displaying Differently in Rise Course

Hi I've searched but can't find a solution to this. When I add a storyline block to Rise 360 sometimes it displays as I want, with the first slide of the Storyline interactive showing on the face of the Rise 360 course (pic 1 attached). However, sometimes I get an ugly black box and the user has to press play to see the first Storyline slide (pic 2 attached). The Storyline player settings are the same for both so I'm not sure why this is happening. The pic 2 interactive has audio but only after the user clicks START. Both are being viewed on desktop computer.

Can anyone help me get pic 2 to display as pic 1 in the Rise course please?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Laura. 

Storyline blocks that contain audio or video in the first slide don't autoplay in the latest version of Chrome or in mobile browsers, and you'll see the play button. This is due to autoplay policies in those browsers that take effect when there's media on the first slide.

Are you viewing the course in Chrome?

Laura Stuart-Berry

Hi Crystal, thanks for the response! Yes via Chrome. This one has audio but only when you press the start button, so I'd discounted that as being the problem as I didn't think this would be affected by autoplay. I've now added an intro slide which solves the issue. Thanks