Rise 360: Text Not Wrapping in Matching Interaction


I am working on a course in Articulate Rise 360 and wanted to utilize the Matching interaction.

One of my matching options does not wrap it's text when resizing. When I view on an external monitor, it displays correctly. However, when viewed on a 13-inch laptop screen it does not. It's not a very long statement, so I am wondering what I can do to accommodate this besides decreasing the text size. The statement is "Pay attention to words/sounds"

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Screenshot of text not wrapping

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Angie Elliott

I found another article that listed that this is a limitation of the software application and the Articulate team recommended submitting a feature request to increase the number of characters, which is currently set at 90. However, this does not apply in my situation as my phrase is only 27 characters.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Angie. The text on your matching question should respond to the smaller screen like this:


Let's see if we can find out why that isn't happening on your end! I'll need some help with the following:

  • Which browser are you using to author your Rise 360 course?
  • Are you using a custom font? What formatting have you applied to your text?
  • Does this happen if you recreate the matching interaction in the same course? Or in another course?

I'll be standing by for your reply.