Rise 360 to Storyline transfer?

Jun 16, 2021

I have built a large part of my training in Rise (love the platform!) but some of the functions are not there (like creating narration audio for every block of text and creating a choice of language from the first view of curse etc.) and I started to think:

Is there a way to export what I have already created in Rise into Storyline?




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Andrea Bojko

I am able to publish a Rise course to HTML only, place files on a training server, and then insert a web object in Storyline that points to the index.html file. However, the issue I have with this is even when I just publish a single block - I still get the Title of the course, etc. I would like to just publish the block  itself and don't see that as an option for publishing in Rise. I'm also having trouble with the prev/next triggers with Rise embedded objects.