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Ned Whiteley

Hi David,

I agree that this is really only suitable for the desktop environment. Yes it does work on a mobile device, but, as you say, you still have to "start" your Storyline block by pressing the play button on the screen, which isn't a good look. I guess at least half a solution is better than no solution.

You may be interested to know that a few weeks ago I submitted a request to have a hyperlink capability within Rise. I know that you can already jump from Button Stacks to the start of any lesson within your course, but what I have asked for is more akin to what you get in a web site. In other words, you first set up your bookmarks and then create hyperlinks to jump to them. This differs from the current Button Stack version in that you can jump to anywhere in any lesson, including the lesson you are currently in. If this does get implemented, it will solve a lot of problems that we currently face and make moving around inside courses a breeze. Fingers crossed . . . . .

Digital Business School

Count me in too! It would be an ideal way to make a short explanatory aside without interrupting the flow. Not to mention some students come from different backgrounds and might already know these definitions, so they won't be feeling like they've being told the same thing over and over.

Katrina Reiniers-Jackson

Chiming in to say that I'd love a "click to reveal" functionality of some kind in Rise. Attached is a screengrab of a mockup I built using one single Accordion to try and hide extraneous information I need in my course. If I could customize the look of it that wouldn't be so bad, but since I can't change the text size or formatting of the Accordion text, it sticks out.

Ideally this "click to reveal" information would be part of a 4 step "how to log in" Process block I'm planning to build, and obviously I can't stick an accordion block in the middle of one of my process steps.  

Patrick Sloan

I'm very interested in Rise implementing Modal Window content within the document window.  This is web-design speak for the Lightbox functionality that people have asked to be brought over from Storyline. 

I won't get into the functional oversight I believe that this and the lack of tool-tip text introduces into client experience and expectations, but I am quite confident that this is a hard requirement from nearly all of my clients who would consider Rise.  Workarounds are fun to hash out, but to the client they are obviously kludgy solutions to an otherwise straight forward tool.  

Modal content has to be in the dev list for this product to make it viable. 

I'll give you a great case study for this: rapid-conversion of legacy content. There's going to be a lot of modal-type interactivity in-line text, that can't be shoehorned into another block type. 

Thanks for reading, hope it helps further this topic along. 

PK Thomas

+1 (again, 10 months ago) on this feature. This thread is a great example of something that has been on my mind.

Full disclosure: I apologize in advance for the outlook on my long comment. I hope it is perceived with positive intention.

As a fellow customer, with a deep appreciation for the Articulate platform of products and its active community of users... I'm a little disappointed that a community request such as this from two years ago (with incredible traction of interest, comments, and even a temporary workaround provided by a community member/existing customer) has not elevated the priority for this feature to be implemented by Articulate's development team.

Meanwhile, there are other requested features shared within the community forum that also seems to be ignored. For an active community of users, willing to be transparent and vulnerable about their product interests, a "Thanks, we'll keep this in mind." or "We'll keep you posted." or "Check the What's New webpage for future releases." time and time again from post moderators or community admins becomes cliche. These replies have simply become "We see your comment".

I believe that if users are going as far as to build "workarounds" for each other, 1. that's an incredible reflection of the community Articulate has helped establish, and, I am so very fortunate to be supported by such fellow users, and 2. the community moderators or admins should be equally as transparent in revealing the priorities of the Articulate development team.

I do understand there is a timeline of "What's New": https://articulate.com/360/whats-new. However, these are new features already chosen to be released and marketed.

Side note: Personally, expressing displeasure without an effort to provide a solution is simply complaining. Complaining is not my goal. I'd like to offer a few suggestions as to potential solutions to my aforementioned pain points:

  1. Offer the Articulate community of registered users/current customers a transparent voting platform for the most requested features... perhaps per product, such as Rise. (Milanote has a great poll example: https://milanote.com/poll)
  2. Provide extended insight on the polling platform as to how the Articulate development team prioritizes its feature requests. Articulate users should be aware that any company has finite resources–in time, talent and treasure (operating expenses). Any great SAAS company works to enhance its value to new and existing customers (value propositions) while carefully ensuring there are no sacrifices made to the current user base or the functionality of its established products. Features do take time and resources to build, test/measure and adopt.

Everyone's comments on this thread are so incredibly valuable. And I find that there are so many other great feature requests in other posts that deserve organized attention and transparent response. Wouldn't it be great to see them in aggregate as a community? An upvoting system derived from specific forum threads (e.g. for each Articulate product) may be the answer. Whether it's voicing support, hesitation, or assisting others with a workaround, I hope that we can continue to come together as a community to improve how we can collaborate with Articulate and its amazing product offerings.

I look forward to reading anyone's additional comments!