Rise Analytics within Canvas

Aug 19, 2020

Hello all,

I am trying to currently use Rise 360 within Canvas for a client and they had a great question about analytics and insights. Does anyone here happen to know the best way to view the analytics of a Rise 360 of a student within Canvas? 

I know that we could set it as a graded assignment and track it that way, but they are wanting to see how much time students spend on the course and things like that. Any help is appreciated! Thanks. 

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Sam Hill

Hi Sara, it might depend on how the Rise 360 module is being deployed in Canvas. Is it being deployed as a SCORM module? If so SCORM modules send data such as completion, time spent and also interaction data for quizzes. Unless there is somebody on here with a good knowledge of Canvas SCORM reporting, do you have a Canvas admin or rep you can ask about SCORM reports?

Math Notermans

As we work with Canvas at Tilburg University and Fontys Engineering and at both we use Articulate360, Rise and Storyline for courses offcourse this is an interesting thread for me too.

At the moment we are not publishing as Scorm into Assignments. Mainly because we use Canvas Tests and an external test tool ( Test Vision ) for tests and quizzes.

But i do know how to pass data from AR360 and Canvas to make sure your teachers can get any information they need/want. Basically this can be done in a few ways. Either use xApi to pass any data needed to an LRS. Or use Google Sheets or a database to store any needed data. The latter 2 can also be read into a Storyline or Rise course to show statistics of the data. Making it easier for teachers to quickly check stats.

Another solution im researching at the moment is using MS Excel/Office365 to store the data. As we have university-wide licenses for that...and some departments prefer that above Google...thats an option too.