RISE and double spaces

Haven't been able to find the answer yet, so I'm posing it here.

Many of us are still 'old school' and put two spaces between each sentence.  Trust me, CANNOT change that habit after many decades of putting two there.  However, when creating a RISE course, everything looks good in EDIT mode with the double space, but when it goes to REVIEW or is published, text is no longer left justified; there seems to be an 'extra' space at the beginning of the line.  It seems to be when the sentence starts on a new line WHEN PUBLISHED, but it doesn't happen all the time!  I then have to publish or REVIEW, scan EVERY paragraph, and remove one space when not left justified.  Doing this certainly elongates the design time.

Any solutions other than to retrain my brain to one space (because it'll NEVER happen!), and it still looks funny to me with just one space.

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