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Nov 08, 2017

Hi All,

I work with a software company and am developing courses in Rise for our customers to learn our software.  I need to password protect the courses and track progress for some users at the request of their employers. I installed LearnDash into a WP site.  I have a few questions about the right way to proceed.

1. If I export my entire Rise Course as a Tin Can file into LearnDash, does LearnDash handle breaking up my course into topics and chapters? Or is it all dumped as just one big course? If so, then how does LearnDash track progress if a user logs off and returns later?

2. If I have to break up my Rise course into separate chapters (e.g. a chapter is actually a separate course) then the menu structure looks weird. LearnDash has its navigation menu but the Rise course has its own navigation menu. So the user actually sees two menus.

I'm brand-new to this so maybe there are best practices I'm totally missing here. I appreciate any help. I did buy the license.

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Gil Shir


I would like to follow up on that question. 

We have purchased the articulate 360 and love the rise course creating ability. 

However, we have come across similar issues and questions to Joe. It seems the articulate staff usually does not get into the details of other LMS's, but I think it's in Articulate's best interest to do so. 

If we the users don't figure out a way to properly import a course from rise into learndash in a way that topics/lessons can be defined, without having double menus etc - we won't have any use for the beautiful courses we made in Rise. 


@leslie, what would you recommend? Can you provide a solution to Jill, Joe and myself?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gil, 

I'm glad to hear you love how easy it is to create courses in Rise - and we're continually adding new features and options (keep an eye on the “What’s New” page for all the updates!).

Rise content is designed to work broadly in many Learning Management Systems, by adhering pretty closely to the SCORM specification.  Our team tests in and maintains a few different LMS environments like Moodle, SuccessFactors, SCORM Cloud, etc. There are truly hundreds of LMSs on the market and new ones added daily, so we will defer to your LMS admin/team to help with specific questions such as disabling their internal menu. 

We want Rise content to work everywhere it needs to and would love to have the opportunity to work with you one-on-one to figure out the settings that are specific to LearnDash. To do that, it'll be best to have you connect with our Senior Support Engineers, and you can share any particular LMS details, login info/access, and issues you've run into.

I'll start a case for you, and you should have an email from our team shortly. 

Peter  Ryan

Hi Joe, a little late with reply, 

A tricky question as it depends on how you are tracking completions.

1. Firstly I am assuming you are using a LRS like grassblade and a xapi storage system like grassblade xapi to store and track completion verbs from Rise or Articulate via this LRS to update the Learndash LMS completion records. 

If you have used this software then the entire course can launch (in full) in its own page. Once each section has been viewed then a completed verb is sent to the LRS which in turn triggers a completion to Learndash.

When using Rise, the LRS will NOT remember how far though the training the person is as there is no resume feature yet like Storyline. Is it however possible but will get expensive as you need to create a tracking cookie.

Alternatively you could break a course or lesson down into several topics.

The resume feature on Storyline lasts forever, however the LRS can be periodically cleared if need be.

2. Launch the product in a new window using grassblade will overcome this problem.

If you are using other products like uncanny owl LSR then the process is not that dissimilar. I do not recommend using "Insert or Embed Articulate Content into WordPress" to embed into a Learndash topic due to tracking / viewing issues etc that you will experience. Using this is fine for some purposes.

One of the sites I built TANDI has a couple of rise courses we track LMS completions for registered users.

The courses will look exactly like the example courses below, this one was created for general public. This could easily be set up to be tracked by the LMS and look exactly the same.


Setting up the LRS to accept different xapi triggers can be a bit tricky to set up.

Hope this helps. Message me if you need.







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