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James Lavis

Haven't found it. I've worked through how this could function as in Canada, more so Ontario, it's law  for accessibility compliance. So from a tech point of view and with this vertical format I see two options. One having the abilty for each block to have an audio button. Seems easy.


The second would be for audio to be triggered by Y coordinate access. So whatever is within the users screen view, say at center point, would be read aloud. Never seen this in existence, but that's how I'd code it.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Mike,

I've seen a few requests for auto-play audio blocks here in the community, so I'll bring up the idea with our team again. When we first released Rise, the auto-play feature was something we shied away from--Adam explains why here. We like to to keep these discussions going and evaluate changes along the way, as Rise is continually evolving!